Bonko Game Overview

There are six rounds in each set of Bonko. There is one King's table, and numerous other numbered tables, which will be determined by the number of people in attendance. The King's  Table controls the pace of play by starting each round and ending each round with a ring of the bell. The team that is at the table for beginning of each round rolls first. The team that moved to that table rolls second.

Players earn points by rolling the three dice. In each round, players are trying to roll the same number as the round, or the target number (for example, rolling D3 in Round 3) - sometimes called a mark.

One point is awarded for each target number rolled successfully. For example rolling D1  D1  D2 in round 1 earns 2 points, in round 2, the same roll earns one point. In rounds 3-6 this roll earns no points.

Five points are awarded for rolling three of a kind of any number except the current target number. For example rolling D5  D5  D5 in round 3 earns 5 points.

Bonko! is called when rolling 3 of a kind of the target number. For example, rolling D3  D3  D3 in Round 3. Rolling Bonko is worth 21 points, but the player has to yell it out to get credit for it.

The player rolls as long as they score one or more points. When they fail to roll the target number on any of the dice, the dice are passed to the player on the left and the scorekeeper records the cumulative score on the Table Tally as the temporary team score.

The round is over when the HIGH table reaches 21 points, they ring the bell and the round is over for everyone. The other tables keep rolling until the high table rings the bell. They may score more than 21 points, sometimes over 100 points.

When the round ends, and players at the lower tables get to finish their roll.

Every player gets at least one roll per round.

At the end of each round the winning team from each table moves up to a higher table. The losing team from the the King's Table moves to the lowest table.


Team Scoring

Each team will carry an official score card to track wins and losses.

Scores for each round will be kept at each table. At the end of a round, the official scorekeeper will pass by each table to punch the cards for each team that wins it's round.


Tiebreakers during a Round

If both teams have a tied score at the end of a round, they participate in a roll-off. They are each allowed to roll the dice again for one session to accumulate additional points. Player #1 starts off rolling first. This player will continue to roll and accumulate points as long as they are successfully rolling the number of that round. Each player is given a session to roll and accumulate points for their team to end the tie.

Example, at the end of Round 2, a table's teams is tied. Player #1 rolls D1  D2  D5 and accumulates 1 point. Player #1 rolls again but does not roll any D2 dice. The dice are passed to Players #2 - #4 who all receive chances to accumulate points.

If at the end of this session one team is now in the lead, the roll-off ends. The team with the highest score is deemed winner. If needed, additional roll-off sessions are repeated until the tie is broken.